my toolbox

I have mastered many storytelling tools that don’t fit into a traditional box. Having been internationally recognized for my eclectic body of work, my broad versatility enables me to reliably connect with audiences around the world.

Much of my success has to do with the extensive training I received in the decade plus leading up to Y2K – my life before I took my first art-school design class, published my first written story and wrapped my head around my first database.

My years directing and designing for theater taught me to step back and sit in the audience’s chair to embody their perspective while receiving a production. My background performing as a trained vocalist conditioned me to instinctually feel a musical rhythm and flow when delivering stories. And my job speaking in front of different groups of high school students every day forced me to prioritize being entertaining and compassionate while seeing the world from their perspective – or else I’d be aggressively booed out of the classroom.

From that foundation, I went on to expand my toolbox as an accomplished designer, writer, data-journalist, photographer, editor, creative director – and fellow small-business owner who personally identifies with the challenges facing start-ups and solopreneurs.

I speak design, see type, hear copy, picture data, read audiences and create order out of apparent chaos.

My toolbox may be unconventional, yet it enhances my ability to tap into a deep well of expertise to create and help others achieve effective solutions to complex communications challenges across all media – from the visual, verbal, statistical and experiential.


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